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We will clean your apartment

Cleaning service of apartments and houses in Switzerland

Trained staff

Before we hire, we interview and check the staff. Each cleaner passes special training, after – writes a test and takes an exam. Out of the 100 candidates, we take about 5.

High-quality cleaning products

We use only high-quality German eco cleaning products. It is gentle and smells good, great for apartments with small children and animals.

We control the quality

We always ask for feedback about cleaning, and we ask you to evaluate the work of the cleaner from 1 to 5. Slightly what’s wrong – we’ll come and fix everything. We don’t want to take money from dissatisfied customers.

We work around the clock

You can make a request for cleaning at 3 a.m., and in the morning the cleaner will come to you. If you really need – you can call in the middle of the night, if the manager is not sleeping – we will definitely pick up the phone 🙂We work around the clock

How do we clean the apartments

Cleaner arrives at the appointed time with everything you need and immediately gets down to business. You just have to evaluate the result.
Чистим вытяжку внутри
Протираем все баночки от пыли
Моем духовку
Моем все мелкие предметы
Поднимаем и вытираем под всеми мелкими предметами
Вытираем розетки
Перестилаем постельное белье
Пылесосим и моем под кроватью
Поднимаем и протираем все мелкие предметы (статуе ки, фотографии, Книги)
Складываем все предметы на рабочих поверхностях
Чистим все стеклянные поверхности и Зеркала
Протираем плинтус
Дезинфицируем унитаз
Моем ванну и душевую кабину
Моем и натираем все смесители
Моем под унитазом
Моем под раковиной
Вытираем водный налёт на плитке
Моем швы на полу в плитке
Складываем все предметы и вещи на рабочих поверхностях
Вытираем жалюзи и ставни
Вытираем все поверхности
Поднимаем все мелкие предметы, вытираем их, моем под ними и ставим все на те же места

Good. What about prices?

The cleaner arrives at the appointed time with everything you need and immediately gets down to business. You just have to evaluate the result.
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We control the quality

We always ask for feedback about cleaning, and we ask you to evaluate the work of the cleaner from 1 to 5. Slightly what’s wrong – we’ll come and fix everything. We don’t want to take money from dissatisfied customers.

Meet our best cleaners

We hire only the best people, for 1 position we choose among 30 applicants. Then we train them and regularly monitor the rating.

Works with soul. Master dry cleaner. Even outside of work, Oleksiy likes accuracy and perfectionism the most.
Enjoys his work. Loves to leave the apartments fresh after work.
She worked as a chief accountant in Kiev. She loves her job because she has learned all the subtleties of doing the job.
Now she enjoys her work, namely cleaning. She believes that there are no difficult tasks for our team.

Our rating

Thank you to the great company for my clean windows. I was very satisfied! The cleaner arrived with all the equipment, there was even a special mop for washing windows. They washed all my windows, everything shines and glances.
Marina, project manager
My one-room apartment requires more than 6 hours of thorough cleaning every two weeks. And the cleaners of the putzpani service cope with this with a bang.
Karina, Recruitment Consultant
I'm single, I manage to pollute 3 or 1 person per week. Fortunately, the cool service putzpani appeared to help me solve this problem.
Yevgen, Managing Partner
I decided to order my grandmother to wash the windows in her apartment, because there was a lot of dust left after the winter. A cleaner from the company came to clean it, managed it in 4 hours, I think it's very fast for all the windows in a four-room apartment. However, my grandmother was very satisfied and told me to order her such services more often.
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Frequently asked questions

How long have you been in Switzerland?

We, Ukrainians, who came to your country after the start of the war. We immediately started working as cleaners, so as not to sit on the neck of the state that gave us shelter. We have been trained and experienced.

What is a cleaning subscription and how do I use it?

In addition to the fact that the cleaning subscription is a package of two cleanings per month, it is also a good money saver.

What if I don’t like the job?

Our cleaners carefully approach the tasks and are ready to find an approach for the most demanding clients. We clean according to standards, but be that as it may, we ask that our customers evaluate the work of the workers on the spot. By agreement, we can clean again or return part of the funds. Also, during work, our cleaners keep a checklist. This is not just a sheet with marks, it is our internal document, in which the cleaner must mark with his own hand what he has done in your cleaning.

What to do if:

If the cleaner is still in the apartment, and you found dust or unfinished work.

It is necessary not to hesitate to tell the cleaners about it, for sure! It is not difficult for us to wash, rub, polish. The cleaner is always ready for the fact that something needs to be reworked or completed.

If you saw that the cleaning was performed poorly even after the cleaner left, write or call us.

Our service is designed for customer feedback. Therefore, any photos or reviews only strengthen our relationship. The entire staff is responsive and ready for customer feedback.

Can workers steal something while cleaning?

We select employees for interviews, check passport data, and test. We have our own staff of professional, proven employees. Our reputation is the most important thing for us, as well as satisfied customers. You can stay during the cleaning and be sure of the competence and decency of the staff. Already after the first cleaning, you will not want to waste your time and monitor the process, because we will amaze you with the result.

How is payment made?

We always take payment at the end of the cleaning, after you have checked everything. If there are any comments, the cleaners are ready to fix everything.

Why do additional services include washing windows, balconies, kitchens and additional bathrooms, etc.?

We clean our customers 2-4 times a month by subscription, and the cleaning of these surfaces is required on average once a month, so we included them in the additional service. Our team will gladly clean as many times a month as you think is necessary.

Can you wash the ceiling?

Yes, if you provide a stable surface and it will not damage the ceiling. We have many additional services, so we are happy to perform work of any complexity.

Do you dry clean furniture?

When cleaning, the cleaner vacuums all furniture by default. Since we constantly monitor various new products on the market of our services and use only the highest quality and most modern cleaning products, we will always find a solution even for the most complex problems. If you need spot removal and steam treatment, this is possible as a separate function.

What do we absolutely DO NOT do in cleaning with one cleaner?

1. Do NOT move bulky objects.

2. We do NOT clean mattresses, furniture, we only process them with a vacuum cleaner. If you need dry cleaning, it can be ordered additionally.

3. Do NOT wipe the dust on the flower leaves. We do not clean the hood inside, only the facades.

4. Do NOT wash chandeliers. We do the work either well or not.

We provide all these services during cleaning by a team.

Do you clean up after the renovation?

Yes, this is a separate type of cleaning that requires equipment for industrial cleaning (industrial vacuum cleaner, steam generator, foam cleaner, etc.). Our professionals approach work of various levels of complexity with full responsibility. Therefore, regardless of whether you need regular cleaning of a small apartment or cleaning of a large room after renovation – we are always happy to help you. The cost of such assembly differs from the base price. We call 2.3 or more cleaners to the facility, who work under the leadership of the foreman.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question – ask our polite and courteous manager. We will answer very quickly and with love 🙂
Задати питання менеджеру
Our cleaners will clean the apartment before the arrival of guests, remove the consequences of a noisy party in the office and eliminate the need to waste time on this. We will put things in order everywhere without leaving a trace of dirt!

What does the price depend on?

The cost of services depends on several factors, among which are:
Area and number of rooms
Room pollution level
Arsenal of chemicals used for cleaning
Cleaning method

Cleaning services

Our company provides a full range of cleaning services in Zurich. We offer different types of cleaning:
Basic cleaning

We remove complex dirt, dust from all accessible surfaces (using a stepladder), wash off grease in the kitchen, polish plumbing fixtures, and vacuum.

Maintenance cleaning

We change bed linen, put personal belongings in a neat stack, remove dust from surfaces at the level of human height, vacuum, remove water deposits from mixers, wipe dust off equipment.


Depending on the complexity of the work, our company will send you a cleaner or a team of cleaners with a full arsenal of professional tools (super-powerful eco-chemistry “KIEHL” (Germany), washing vacuum cleaners and steam generators).

Cleaners will clean the house and clean all surfaces from ceiling to floor. They will put things in order inside the cabinets, remove stubborn dirt, clean the plumbing from limescale, disinfect the bathroom, etc.

Cleaning after renovation

Our cleaning service will help you quickly prepare your home for relocation after renovation. We will come with professional floor cleaning machines, steam generators, household chemicals and other tools.

Our cleaners will collect and take out construction waste, remove dust from all surfaces, wash off dried glue, paint, putty and other strong dirt.

Washing windows

We will wash the windows inside and out, using long slime and detergents for this purpose. We also wash windows after renovation and use professional equipment for this purpose.

Regular cleaning by subscription

You can buy a subscription for any number of cleaning with 3 additional services as a gift from us. This will help to save about 25% on the cost of cleaning services.

Additional services

Our cleaning company performs a number of additional works. This category includes washing windows, kitchen appliances, cleaning the balcony, ironing clothes and much more.

The cost of works that are not included in the base rate

The cost of some types of work is not included in the base rate, since they are not performed regularly. For a fee, the cleaners of the cleaning service “PutzPani” can:

Why can you trust us?


We carefully approach recruitment issues

The company employs only fully trained people who do not have a negative past, bad habits and know how to behave with clients.

We monitor the quality of staff work

If the client is dissatisfied with the quality of services, we will perform a second cleaning within 3 days, give a discount or fully refund the money.

We use only professional chemicals

Products of the German brand “KIEHL” have a high washing and cleaning ability. It is completely safe for humans, so it can be used even in homes where allergy sufferers and small children live.

We are for fair prices

The cost of our services is formed according to an absolutely transparent scheme. Clients of our company can also save money by subscribing to cleaning.

How do we take care of security?

Only trusted people work in our cleaning company. Before the internship, all future specialists We will clean are thoroughly checked by our security service.